The Comforts of Fall: First up Potato Leek Soup

We are entering my favourite time of year.  Sure summer is great,  but I love the fall for many reasons.  Days are still warm, but nights are cool and crisp, perfect for snuggling under a warm comforter.  Kids are back at school and routines return, something my kids thrive on.  There are farmer’s markets to browse and shop at, fall fairs to indulge in with cotton candy and caramel apples and drives through the country to look at all the beautiful fall colours.

But my biggest reason for loving fall is the food.  During the summer months it is my husband who rules the bbq and does the majority of the cooking.  But once the weather turns cooler, I take over and out comes the roasting pans, stock pots and crock pots.  I love cooking all the comfort foods of fall, stews, soups, roasts, casseroles, yummy muffins and cakes.  And if I stumble upon a recipe that everyone in my family will eat, even better!

The other day I made a Potato Leek Soup that my whole family enjoyed (which is a challenge to do with my picky eaters) and it is super easy.


3 stalks leeks – white parts with a little green (about 2 cups)

3-4 potatoes (about 3 cups)

6 cups chicken/vegetable stock or broth

3 tbsp butter

2 bay leaves

1/2 tsp thyme

salt & pepper to taste

Saute the leeks for 3 – 5 minutes in the butter, until soft.  Then add the chopped potatoes, thyme and salt and pepper. Stir to coat potatoes with the leek mixture.  Add the stock/broth and bay leaves and bring to a boil.  Cook 15 – 20 minutes or until potatoes are very soft.  Add the milk and then puree soup (remove bay leaves first) and serve.  Serves 4.

Potato Leek Soup

It’s that easy!  Enjoy.

Until next time…Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much

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