Food Revolution

I have always been a big fan of Jamie Oliver’s, it started in his days of the Naked Chef. When I heard about his new show Food Revolution, I knew I would watch it and I also knew we would watch it together as a family. As much as I try to tell my kids how important it is to eat healthy, I thought it would help reinforce that idea if they watched the show.

As a family, we have taken Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution to heart and are trying hard to eat less processed food and eat more homemade things. We were already avoiding most processed foods but have taken it a step further and are making more things from scratch. I like knowing what is in my food and my kids are much happier with Mommy and Daddy’s cooking rather than boxed things from the store.

Making things from scratch may take a bit more time, but the effort is worth it to see my kids happily tucking in to their food. Even my son’s lunch box is coming home empty which is a huge feat!

The first big change we made was making all our bread from scratch. My husband is a wonderful baker, a trade he learned at the hands of his father. Watching him whip up a batch of homemade bread is amazing and our kids love to help him mix and knead the dough. In fact he loves making bread so much that he has built himself a bread oven for the backyard and sells homemade loaves at our annual garage sale, but I digress.

The next change we have made is to get rid of our boxed granola bars in favour of homemade ones. I thought I was giving my kids “healthy” granola bars, until I read the ingredients list. If I couldn’t actually pronounce some of the ingredients, why on earth was I giving them to my kids! So I searched the internet and found this recipe that is a winner with everyone (including my husband’s co-workers!). I did however tweek it a bit substituting whole wheat flour in place of all purpose, 1/2 tsp of cinnamon (instead of 1/4) and the first time I made it, I used 1 cup of chocolate chips instead of the dried fruit. I love the versatility of the recipe and plan to keep tweeking it to get my kids to try new things.

Homemade cookies, muffins and granola bars

So now we have baking Sundays at our house where we whip up batches of bread, muffins, cookies and granola bars for the week. Now instead of my pantry bulging with boxed, processed food, the freezer is bursting with yummy baked goods. When we need a snack on the go, we just grab a couple granola bars out of the freezer and they are good to go in 15 minutes.

These small changes are just the start of what I hope will be my own family’s Food Revolution. Are you watching the show and making changes too? Would love to know what other families are doing to eat healthier.

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  1. We’ve made some big changes too. I buy all our beef from a local cattle rancher and have just placed an order for chickens and half a pig, which are all organic/grass fed. I used to buy balls of frozen pizza dough for our homemade pizza nights, now I’m making my own whole wheat dough and the family loves it. I roast tons of veggies for the pizza and purée half of them and “hide” them in the pizza sauce.

    We eat at least one meatless meal a week and I refuse to buy cookies, cakes, etc… I’ve always been a big baker and prefer to make my own. I’m going to try granola bars now, thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I should get my kids to watch that show. I have made home made versions of their treats and they ALWAYS perfer the store bought version. I frustrates me to no end. I will have to try your recipe for granola bars. And I love the idea that your hubby makes bread. You will have to tell us when you are having a yard sale this summer and I will swing by and get a loaf!

  3. Even before seeing his show, I’d begun to make homemade chicken fingers and meatballs…and now I can’t handle the taste of anything from M&M’s. Not that much harder to make and I know exactly what’s in my food. Love it.

  4. Nah – I hate food shows. I’m just going to read your blog instead, okay? I try to only give them homemade cookies (mine or, more frequently, my mother’s) but I’m definitely going to try the homemade granola bars. We’re in a bit of a summer slide and I need to get back to…what’s the word? Cooking. Thanks for the reminder.

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